South Yorkshire Home Assembly Team

Introducing Liam, our intrepid and ultra hardworking Sheffield based South Yorkshire home assembly furniture fitter.

Liam has been through weeks of intense training in all things home assembly, including nursery and children’s furniture from some the world’s best brands as well as different ranges of grown up furniture kits, making him more than equipped to handle anything that Silver Cross, Stompa, IKEA and the like can throw at him. To be fair, he was already more than a dab hand before he came to Jade and now he’s the daddy when it comes to all types of assembly jobs.

If you’re in South Yorkshire and looking to make sure your new furniture gets built to a professional standard then we can easily arrange for Liam to come on over and get you all set up and sorted. He’s a fast and tidy worker and you’ll be pleased you called.

Contact us by telephone on 0115 822 0000 to discuss how Liam can assist you. Alternatively you can email us at

All of our local teams have undergone an intensive training programme at the Jade training centre at our head office in Bradford. All of the fitters are now capable of building all types home assembly furniture from small cribs to high-sleepers, from bunk beds to adult furniture.

If you are a local independent retailer or you are part of a large national company looking for a local reliable build service, or if you have just bought some home assembly furniture and find it too daunting to build then give Jade a call and we will arrange for our South Yorkshire representative to come along and give you a helping hand.