how we work

Our customer service process

Every company knows that customer service a top priority. However, everyone needs to know that it is a 2 way street.

At Jade over 90% of our deliveries are home assembly furniture items or ready-made factory built items. Such as wardrobes, dresser changers, bedside tables, bookcases etc.

These items have to be delivered by 2 men. They can only be delivered if the customer has confirmed that they can be present at the time of delivery, as the delivery team will have to enter your home. Many of the items have to be unpacked and the waste disposed of. Many of the items have to be built. This takes time. To build a full set of nursery furniture could take upto 3 hours. Therefore we need your help and patience to make a delivery of large bulk items.

When we plan our deliveries at Jade we are not like a large multi-national parcel company who are making 40 to 50 deliveries of small items per day. Jade’s average day is 5 to 6 deliveries. This will consist of 2 to 3 build items and 2 to 3 room of choice deliveries.

Planning is extremely difficult as the majority of people are at work during the times we operate. We are not in every town in the country every day. We may only be in your area once a week. Therefore we need your help to help us with our planning. It is generally easier for you to re-arrange your schedule to help us with ours. Believe us when we say we are grateful for your help and understanding as we truly mean it.

To help you manage your delivery day we will give you a morning or afternoon time slot. The driver will call you when he is at least 30 minutes away. If you need a phone call that allows you more time to get home then let the Jade office know in plenty of time.